• Quality Understanding

    The samples taken on the production lines at the time of production and immediately after the production in the production process made with raw materials and auxiliaries approved by the Production Application are determined by the national (TSE)...

  • Eco Friendly

    Since its establishment, PİMATECH, which produces by using "Environment Friendly Production Technologies", proves its sensitivity to environmental health with the Environmental Management System established in 2002 and sees this area as a "Management Window".

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  • CE Marking Voyage

    CE mark on the windows, 89/106 / EEC Construction Products to ensure comfortable movement of products in Turkey and the European Union market by the Directive, including the manufacturer with the responsibility for all is a mark affixed on the product in accordance with certain rules.

  • Environmental Policy

    PİMATECH has established and operates an Environmental Management System covering all its activities and meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. The evaluation of the environmental elements manages the issues in which the risk of the environment is high, within this system.


In the production process carried out with raw materials and auxiliary materials bearing “Suitable for Production” approval, samples taken from the production lines during or soon after production are passed through the Process Quality Control tests determined by national (TSE) and international (SKZ, EN, DIN etc.) standard institutions in Fırat laboratories, and recorded regularly. Main Process Quality Control tests are as follows:

  • - Test for Impact Resistance at Cold
  • - Test for Dent Impact Resistance
  • - Elongation Test
  • - Density Test
  • - Vicat Test
  • - Wind Load Resistance Test
  • - Leak Test
  • - Air Permeability Test
  • - Corner Welding Test

At the stage of Process Quality Control, product measurements are controlled constantly simultaneously with the production process and recorded. It is compulsory that our products pass through all the tests conducted in compliance with the control frequency and numbers set by the standards and obtain “Quality Approval”.